In honor of the release today of Lil Wayne's much-anticipated I Am Not a Human Being II album, we'll be doing a track-by-track review of each of the new album's 15 songs. Join us as we try to separate the album's more earthbound cuts from those that are truly out of this world—beginning with opener "IANAHB."

As the epic opening title track to Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II—at 5:38, the song is easily the album's longest, including a dramatic minute-plus piano intro (courtesy of pop/rock pianist Eric "ELEW" Lewis)—you'd expect "IANAHB" to serve as some kind of thesis statement for the album, a declaration of some sort to set the tone for the album to come. And in a way, that's what it is—one four-minute, free-associative verse from Lil Wayne filled with tough talk, puns of varying degrees of groan-worthiness, and lots and lots and lots of sex. It doesn't exactly feel like a coherent statement, but it is pretty representative of the rest of the album to follow, which is certainly what a good opener should be.

Wayne's not precisely in classic form here, but he does get in some solid couplets, the best of which is probably "I was fucking before my dick started growin' hair / Bitches sweatin' me like John Mayer, or warm air." And while it's hard to argue that the song's subject matter or delivery justifies the incredibly stirring piano accompaniment it's delivered over—which will be a recurring problem with the album on the whole—but Lewis' grandiose ivory-tinkling is a pretty attention-grabbing way to start off the album, at the least, and it gives Weezy cause for a similarly memorable closing couplet: "No rubber... I just fucked this piano." Might not prove that Weezy is truly extraterrestrial, but he is still one of a kind on this planet.

Popdust Says: 3.5/5