We're not gonna lie—there are times we think that Nicki Minaj can do better, too. Her best moments show off a mixture of smarts, creativity and incredible force of personality, the likes of which we've rarely if ever seen in hip-hop before. But too often, it seems like she's content just being weird, and she comes off more lazy than inspired. Whether this is Lil Wayne's specific complaint or not, we don't know, but the Young Money label head at least agrees that there's still room for improvement with the uber-talented Minaj.“I'm not satisfied with anything she's done," Wayne told VIBE. “I believe she can do a whole lot more, and I believe she will do a whole lot more. It's not shocking, and it's not surprising. It's quite fitting. But other than that, it's nowhere near the end.”

Good for Weezy for taking the tough love approach with Nicki—that's what a true mentor has to do on occasion, and no doubt Nikki will recognize and (hopefully) respond to the challenge. More disappointing are Wayne's remarks about Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album, which are almost definitely going to further speculation about the ridiculous not-feud between Wayne and Jigga. “I haven't heard the album," the Martian says of WTT. "I'll probably never hear the album." But wait, aren't you and Drake doing like a rival album? Shouldn't you at least be scouting out the competition? Or just listening to the most talked-about rap album of the year not released by you?

Will either Nicki or Jay and Kanye respond to Weezy's comments? Of course they will. It's hip-hop. Everyone responds to everything.