Track 2: "Blunt Blowin"

Sounds Like: Wayne's grand announcement of his and Young Money's continued existence, with a grand fanfare of an instrumental to match and a chorus that, partially thanks to being track two, has already prompted a billion quotes and tweets. Your choice whether to assign that to the Pros or Cons column.

Pros: This is not one of the sucky beats Wayne complained about--to the contrary, it's one of the best on the album and, assuming the Internet insta-commentariat isn't exaggerating, the current or future wrecker of many a set of speakers. And after a mixtape that contained too much awkward mumbling, it's relieving to hear Wayne invested in his material when it counts.

Cons: 5:12. That's how long "Blunt Blowin" is, and while we're not too attention-addled for any track longer than three minutes, luxuriating (finally) in your release maybe accounts for 4:45 of this.

TMI Double Entendre: "I do it for the money / man, I'm such a hooker." Less TMI than I, but categories do not bend.

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