Lil Wayne recently announced plans to release his long-anticipated Tha Carter IV album at midnight on Sunday following the MTV Video Music Awards, but as is often the case, certain internet folk didn't feel like waiting that long. (After the album's endless delays, can you really blame them?) Anyway, we weren't feeling all that patient either, so we've grabbed ourselves a copy, and now we're going to run through it—reviewing it track by track, as always. Check back throughout the day as we post our expert thoughts on the 15 tracks contained therein, and figure out whether the damn thing was worth the wait or not.

Track 1: "Intro"

Sounds Like: A bombastic, freestyle-style intro, not dissimilar to Carter III opener "3 Peat." Wayne goes in "like [his] water broke"  for one long verse over a menacing-sounding horn-and-drums riff.

Pros: Well, it definitely sounds like a Lil Wayne intro, and that horn riff is a winner. The lyrics don't exactly sound like Wayne is trying his hardest, but lyrics like "My shit won't ever stop / Suck my green light" have a certian charm to them.

Cons: No points for extra creativity here with some of the rhymes ("This the best worst feeling / And n**** if I die I die a death worth living"?). And really, after an entire mixtape of songs starting with the sound of a bowl being lit, do we really need Weezy sparking up yet again here? Oh crap, he's not gonna do it over every track again, is he? What is this, a Wiz Khalifa album?

ESPN Outtake: "I put in overtime / Like a Tide score," "Bodyslam the beat, n**** Dusty Rhodes."

TMI Double-Entendre: "You faker than some titties / You get tittyfucked."