Track 14: "It's Good"

Sounds Like: Someone hasn't been paying attention. It sounds like The Alan Parsons Project's "The Cask of Amontillado," it has a Jay-Z diss about which much is being made, and it's got Jadakiss in fine form and Drake in Drake form.

Pros: It's neither unheard of nor exactly a bad idea to sample Alan Parsons; the instrumental kills your skepticism about thirty seconds in (once it turns into a sample instead of a straight interpolation.) Wayne's verse comes alive precisely when that Jay-Z line comes in; it'll accomplish what it was meant to (i.e. album sales), if you can ignore what it probably wasn't meant to (moralizing that lasts until the probably-also-to-be-delayed Tha Carter V).

Cons: Drake. Forget flow for a second (it's difficult, admittedly); you could reconstruct almost his entire verse from his collected output over the past year; add his lines about Wayne's jail time, and you've almost got the entire thing.

ESPN Outtake: "I just touched down / kick the motherfucking field goal."

TMI Double-Entendre: "P---- good as baby powder" is the sort of line for which this category was created.

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