Track 9: "John" Feat. Rick Ross

Sounds Like: The relentless beat of "Tupac Back," which of course Rick Ross is familiar with. It's at the same time a premature self-written eulogy, with Weezy hoping to be remembered like John Lennon, as well as a "Hey, you! Get off my lawn!" warning to their neighbors, competitors and potential aggressors.

Pros: Unlike a brief guest verse or fleeting chorus, this is more of a Ross collaboration simply than a cameo. Here, Ricky Rozay goes verse for verse with Wayne, equally inflating his words with his art world knowledge and artillery references, as well as adding a menacing, threatening chorus ("I got a chopper in the car") whose repetitive nature serves only to emphasize the meaning behind it ("the bigger the bullet the more than bitch gonna bang"). The ability to make both Lamborghinis and Basquiat sound threatening is a true skill.

Cons: It's quite angry. But everyone needs an emotional outlet from time to time. Just don't try this words at home, kids.

ESPN Outtake: "Big bees, Red Sox/I get money to kill time, dead clocks" courtesy of Weezy; "I call the plays, muthafuck huddle up" for Ross.

TMI Double-Entendre: "Been fucking the world n-- and I ain't come yet" —Weezy, reminding fans, and specifically women, what's what, lest we let nine albums and four children fool us.

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