Track No. 13: "President Carter"

Sounds Like: The world's first hip-hop song ever keyed around a presidential inauguration. The song's "President / Carter" hook comes from the swearing in of Mr. Jimmy Carter back in 1977—Weezy's all-time favorite Commander-in-Chief, no doubt—and features Wayne making a number of presidential manoeuvrings, most notably changing the stars on the American flag to crosses. ("So now, instead of pledge, we pray," he explains. Sure.)

Pros: It's an amusing sample choice, and it's fairly well-augmented by the song's loping beat and what sounds like harp-plucking. Plus, Weezy's pronunciation of "tiramisu," one of the all-time underrated desserts and one sorely under-represented in the rap game, is a definite treat.

Cons: The song gets rather heavy-handed rather quickly, and there's only so many times you can hear the stuttering "President / Carter" hook before it's Enough Already. With the album already overdrawn on its draggy-song quotient at this point, this isn't really what Tha Carter IV needed in its 13th track.

TMI Double-Entendre: "I tried to fuck the world / And couldn't even get aroused."

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