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Lil Yachty Calls Notorious B.I.G. "Overrated"

The latest installment of Pitchfork's "Over/Under" series has a confident Yachty throwing shade.

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At this point, we've come to expect Lil Yachty to say things wildly outside the norm of up-and-coming rappers.

Part of this is because Yachty is barely an up-and-comer at this point. He's beloved by millions of markedly loyal fans, had successful and well-received tours, and dominated the summer music scene with his signature hooks. Not even the total hardos of the rap scene resist the mumble rapper's potentially "lazy" style anymore, consider the endorsement he got with his fifteen second verse on A$AP Mob's Cozy Tapes. Only superstars get to make guest verses shorter than the hook.

All of this accounted for, it shouldn't be too surprising that when Pitchfork posed the question "Over or underrated, Notorious B.I.G.?" Yachty responded with a quick-draw "overrated."

This puts immediate pressure on Yachty's friend and Sailing Team first-mate The Good Perry to weigh in on the matter and he occupies the other end of the spectrum saying that he can't say because he's "never" heard him. Then he corrects himself saying he's "heard him... in movies and stuff" but that he lived a "very sheltered childhood.

This kind of honesty is pretty refreshing at this point in Yachty's career. He's already made it clear he isn't going to be musically influenced by old-school rappers so why should fans care if he eschews the cultural aspect of it as well? Yachty's music is much more obviously about the actual sound than the lyrical content that it doesn't really seem to be a problem that he feels distant from his musical heritage.

Also, securing his place in the heart of gen-Z'ers everywhere, Lil Boat says that pirating music is underrated and that he only doesn't do it anymore because "I got Apple Music... I don't have to."

Check out the Over/Under video from Pitchfork below featuring Lil Yachty and The Good Perry:

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