Lindsay Lohan Fails Epically at Photoshop Diet Again, Flaunts Impressive Camel Toe

Lohan goes low

Oh Lilo, when are you going to learn?

Lindsay Lohan attempted, and failed miserably, to go on a sneaky photoshop diet again Friday, posting the results on Twitter, and quickly finding herself on the receiving end of a shit storm of ridicule.

The 28-year-old posted a clearly digitally altered selfie of herself—purportedly showing off the results of her new 'waist-training' corset.

“Just received my waist trainer from @nowaistclique!! #LovingIt #majorsituation," she captioned the pic.

Photoshop skills D- .... Camel toe A+

Trouble is, someone really needs to give old Lilo a rudimentary lesson in Photoshopping, as even Ray Charles would be able to notice the totally warped and distorted stairs to the right of her clearly digitally slimmed down waist area.

As Popdust previously reported, just like Tara Reid and Paris Hilton, Lohan is a serial selfie photoshop failer.

Just last month, Lilo caught heat for her poor photoshopping skills after posting a pic that was so obviously doctored it almost felt like a joke.

Camel Toe Prevention Is Out There Ladies!

Leaning forward, hands on leg, posing in a black bodysuit, La Lohan thought it would be a great idea to add a sneaky little junk to her skinny trunk….trouble is, the poor little lamb just can't work Photoshop's enhance functions properly—so ended up with a boosted butt, but also a ludicrously warped and curved door frame surrounding it.

Then, back in January she posted another clearly altered selfie, showing off a dramatically slimmed down midriff and boosted backside.

Once again though, there were some glaringly obvious signs of digital manipulation—like a totally warped wall line and a bunch of toiletries stretched out and standing at an exceedingly bizarre angle.

I mean, hellooooo!!!!

We will say one thing though—Lohan may well suck when it comes to photoshopping, but she gets an A+ when it comes to rockin' some serious camel toe…..

Puts even Khloe Kardashian to shame.....

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