Lindsay Lohan Talks Pole Dancing, Meditation, Oprah And Sexual Conquest List (Sort Of)

Lindsay Lohan is just so…… ZEN these days.

The 27-year-old will be on the Ellen Degeneres show Monday talking about her new life of meditation, peaceful reflection, the steadying influence of Oprah and her new pole dancing habit—Popdust has video.

Discussing her workout regime nowadays, LiLo tells Ellen that she takes S Factor classes—which combine yoga, Pilates and pole dancing—and has quit boxing, claiming, “I just don’t have so much anger anymore.”

“I think I’ve released a lot of that," La Lohan explains. "There’s more peace in my life now. Let's not generalize and say I was an angry person.... I just had a lot of things going on… it was due to stress more than anything.”

So…. is the newly stress-free, laid back LiLo sharing her ZEN—and bed—with anyone these days?


OK, well… what about that Tinder profile that popped up recently in Lindsay’s name? Well—and stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but—Lindsay denies setting up the dating profile herself, insisting it was someone else who set it up in her name.

“No, no dating. I’m not on Tinder….my brother set it up on my Instgram,” Lohan claims. “I wouldn’t even know how to get on Tinder. I just want to work right now. I don’t really have that… that’s not even a thought.”

Sooo... what IS on her peaceful mind these days then? Work it seems.

“I’m starting a movie in May,” Lohan says. “My brother and I have been producing this app for like two years now.. its called Spotted Friend.. it’s about to launch—it’s kind of like Shazaam but for clothing.

“So it’s just a lot of work stuff… I’m just like …I kind of lost track of that because when I was here in LA I got really lonely and being in New York, being around a lot of friends that are creative and do different things.. I realize how happy I am doing that.”

For more on Lindsay and Oprah’s very special relationship and to find out what LiLo has to say about THAT celebrity fuck list of hers that got leaked to the press, tune into Ellen on Monday—check local listings for time.

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