Despite the discrepancy between legal bills and professional achievement in recent years, people continue to give Lindsay Lohan second (and third and fourth and fifth) chances. Following her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live earlier this month—which was widely panned by critics and a disappointment to all of us at Popdust who wanted to hear her sing—it looks like LiLo will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Glee. The Hollywood Reporter confirms she's almost finished with negotiations to appear as herself, serving as a guest judge at the National show choir competition later this season (so much for spoilers). See! Becoming the subject of your own E! True Hollywood Story could be the best thing to happen to one's career. While Lohan hasn't exactly been an active performer of late, the show has hosted winners of fledgling reality competition shows to stars of "unscripted" series like The Real Housewives, only to watch them have better than expected results—a fallen teen idol can't be that different, right? Look to clips from The Parent Trap whenever you need reminding that Lohan is good at something other than getting arrested.

Even though she'll be playing herself, that won't stop us from hoping that at least one person involved with the show thinks to cover a few of her songs. Last year's Fleetwood Mac-inspired Rumours episode was a success, so how about a spin-off episode revisiting the guilty pleasure that is Lohan's first single, featuring the seedy parts of Lima Heights Adjacent? The kids seemed to like the idea of stakeouts. Then again, Rachel could always embody Lohan's darker side with "Confessions of a Broken Heart," bringing twice the amount of emotion considering she has not one but two fathers to wail about.