LISTEN: Azealia Banks Shares Scrapped Rihanna Demo “La Dominara”

Listen to the track that was meant to be on ANTI

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Azealia Banks released a demo she originally recorded for Rihanna's album ANTI that never made the final cut. The track is called "LA DOMINADORA" and features production from mega-producer Hit-Boy. Banks shared the track on Facebook on Monday with no explanation, perhaps an attempt to remind the public of her musical ability after all the heavy focus on her Russell Crowe drama.

In the track Banks sings, "You know Rih Gettin' Cash" . Give the track a listen below:


This is obviously a very rough first cut, so it'd be interesting to see the track in it's fully realized potential someday.

Azealia Banks has worked almost all of her modern pop greats.

Originally, her song "ATM Jam" was meant for Beyoncé, as she worked with Pharrell in Miami in 2013, who prominently collaborated with Beyoncé on her self-titled album, on a number of potential tracks for the Queen Bey. But… then Azealia entered into a Twitter feud with Pharrell, saying "The reason ATM jam did poorly is because pharell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback.", and any chances of those tracks seeing the light of day were immediately scrapped.

Banks also worked with Gaga on a track for ARTPOP, Gaga even going so far as to reveal the collaboration months before the album's release. Well… that track was scrapped for some reason. We're going to put on our pop scientists hats and guess this scrap was also due to Azealia's erratic behavior. In fact, a video even surfaced of Gaga talking about the "bad vibes" she got from the rapper, telling a fan "she has a bad attitude".

Well, their intended collab, "Red Flame", leaked a few months ago, before being quickly wiped from the internet.


It'd be great to get one good proper *MAJOR* pop diva collab from Azealia Banks in the same way Nicki Minaj has managed to do with Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, etc. numerous times. But with the experimental rapper racking up gossip story headline after gossip story headline, we wonder if she will forever be pop's red-headed stepchild?