Jennifer Hudson is in a constant state of evolution, beginning with her start as a full-bodied soul diva on American Idol all the way through to her turn as an Oscar-winning actress, svelte Weight Watchers spokeswoman, and now the stylish red carpet staple that we know today. On the artwork for her latest single "Walk It Out," J-Hud sports a skimpy black leotard underneath a buckled leather jacket; it's appropriately fierce without trying too hard (which is always a risk when someone like J-Hud steps into edgier territory). The same can be said for the new song, which initially feels so typically Timbaland it's almost eye-rolling, but becomes strangely addictive by the end.

Unfortunately, it feels a little too dissonant and outdated for radio today. '90s nostalgia may slowly be morphing into early-2000s nostalia, but it's still way too soon to step back into the mid-noughties and start pumping Shock Value again. Perhaps J-Hud is banking on the current popularity of urban music to sell "Walk It Out" to the masses, but I can't see the song appealing to many people outside of Timbaland stans and few other folk such as myself.

Take a listen below.