Oh that pretty little liar, Lucy Hale.

Hale's debut album Road Between is set to release on June 3.  The compilation includes 16 tracks, including the hit single "You Sound Good To Me."  Recently, she has also revealed two new tracks to the world, "Goodbye Gone" and the album-titled track "Road Between."

The country ballads keep ringing through our ears.  We still have yet to hear thirteen tracks and we can't wait until that comes around.

Road Between Tracklist:

1. You Sound Good to Me

2. From the Backseat

3. Nervous Girls

4. Red Dress

5. Goodbye Gone

6. Kiss Me

7. Road Between

8. Lie a Little Better

9. That's What I Call Crazy

10. Love Tonight

11. Just Another Song

12. My Little Black Wedding Dress

13. Feels Like Home

14. Loved

15. Kiss Me (Live Acoustic)

16. Road Between (Live Acoustic)

Yesterday (April 22), Hale released the album-titled track "Road Between".  Listen here:

You can pre-order Lucy Hale's album Road Between on iTunes.

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