Not wanting to be upstaged by the recent flood of horrible excuses for pop music, Ice-T's wife Coco Austin is releasing a debut single. Known more for her physical attributes (read: huge boobs) Austin is getting rather introspective on the track, bravely admitting to being plagued by a certain materialistic fetish. So far there's only a brief, 60-second snippet of "Shoe Freak," 35 seconds of which are taken by Austin dropping the first and last names of every designer shoe she owns, before embarking on the titular chorus ("Shoeee freeeeeak"). It's all riveting stuff, really. We can't wait to hear the second verse when she delves into the politics of fair trade kicks.

You can see the inception of this future piece of musical gold remix and/or parody bait on the couple's new E! series Ice Loves Coco. While Ice has been doing more acting than rapping of late, he still knows his way around a recording studio, and takes producing credit on his boo's song. (That's love.) Because the show is young, Coco's not quite a full-fledged reality star, nor an actor-musician, so we'll put her and her diddy in the "Desperate Wives of Celebrities Trying to Buy Their Way to Music Stardom" club. Courtney Stodden is already a member.