Listen To Diplo and Skrillex's Sizzling Collaboration With K-pop Stars CL and G-Dragon

It's hard to imagine a more fitting East-meets-West collaboration than Diplo & Skrillex with BIGBANG's G-Dragon & 2NE1's CL. Although they might seem worlds apart, they all share quite similar fanbases that include hipsters, hip-hop heads, and commercial pop aficionados, giving them all a much larger reach than most.

Diplo confirmed that the four had hooked up for a song back in December, and now we finally get to hear it.

"Dirty Vibe," lifted from Skrillex's upcoming Recess album, puts the American hitmakers in familiar territory with wob-wob stutters and hyperactive moombahton beats. GD and CL provide the vocals, bragging and trading hip-hop barbs amidst all the noise. GD's lines tend to border on corny at times ("You ain't certified / you got the funny vibe"), but CL's so fierce she'd make Nicki Minaj jealous ("You ain't know? I'm your girl's lesbian crush!").

The one surprising thing about this collaboration is just how much GD and CL cuss. In K-pop land where innocently misusing a simple word can literally destroy your career overnight, hearing GD and CL sling words like "mother fucker" and "shit" is, well, pretty fucking cool.

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