Listen To G-Dragon's Collaborations With Diplo, Baauer, and Missy Elliott!

BIGBANG is easily one of the most popular and widely recognized K-pop acts in the West, so it feels perfectly natural for the group's leader, G-Dragon, to collaborate with some major American artists on his just-released second solo album, Coup D'Etat.

Both Diplo and Harlem shaker, Baaeur, join forces as producers on the album's title track and lead single, which a smouldering hip-hop anthem that sounds tailor-made to play in lowriders. The intensity is turned up a few notches on the Missy Elliott-assisted urban banger, "Niliria," which would make a pretty good soundtrack for Miley Cyrus to twerk to. It makes you wonder if GD's quietly trying to make a proper crossover to the Western market, or if he just did this for the love of the music.

Check them both out, below.

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