Listen To Girls' Generation's English-Language Track, 'Cheap Creeper'


K-pop princesses Girls' Generation tackle an English-language tune for the first time since 2011's "The Boys" with the acerbic "Cheap Creeper." The song is lifted from the soundtrack to the new dance flick Make Your Move 3D, which stars Derek Hough and another K-pop royal BoA. According to IMDB, the pair play star-crossed dancers that enter into a Romeo & Juliet-style romance as their respective families feud with each other, which I guess is a better plot than competing in a dance competition or dancing to save the local whatever from being bulldozed by evil property developers.

After languishing in post-production hell since 2011, Make Your Move 3D will finally see an official theatrical release this month. Considering all the time that's passed, it's no surprise that "Cheap Creeper" comes off a bit dated. (The song's existence has been public since 2012, but we've got no idea when it was originally recorded.)

The electro-pop number sounds like a leftover from Britney Spears' Circus or Blackout, which isn't exactly a bad thing considering that most Britney leftovers are actually very good -- it just means that "Cheap Creeper" isn't the cutting-edge Western crossover smash that Girls' Generation fans were probably hoping for. (It could also pass for a track from BoA's Sean Garrett-produced English-language album, which actually did contain a Britney leftover.)

The real appeal of "Cheap Creeper" is its sardonicism, with the girls firing off lyrical low blows like: "You only wear cologne that comes in the sample size," and my personal favourite, "You drive an Audi that you rented from Alamo / You got the hook-up from your cousin who's the regional manager on weekdaysShe gave it to you for one night for free / Don't you wish you drove it in real life?"