And just like that, the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are a thing of the past. They may have walked away from the VMAs empty handed last night, but The Wanted still have a lot to look forward. Brand new single "I Found You" hit British radio stations today, sending fans into a tailspin of approving tweets and YouTube comments. The group has been generous with information about their latest project thus far, revealing details about a new video, and opting against overly teasing their music with a more much immediate release schedule.

Written and co-produced by the U.K.'s version of Max Martin, Steve Mac—responsible for the group's "Glad You Came," "All Time Low" and "Lightning," as well as hits for One Direction—there are a few familiar sounds and themes Fanmily members will be quick to identify in the new track. Back again are those kooky accordion synths and overwhelming desires to sneak away somewhere dark, with easy access to a full bar. Falsettos are employed heavily at verse's end, bursting to new heights with a richer sound than we've previously heard on popular party hits like "Glad You Came" and "Chasing the Sun." Notes get so high, certain fans have speculated as to how Tom and the rest of the group managed to pull them off. Things never come together in one uniform style, instead taking the form of a couple different types of Wanted tracks: dance anthem, gritty ballad and pleasing love song. Perhaps they're covering all their bases in hopes of delivering something for everyone.

Recent U.S. singles have straddled the pop/dance line, so we're expecting the "I Found You" music video to feature a series of dimly lit nighttime sequences—literally the boys' darkest hour. They're pumped for us to see it, but we're most excited to see this one performed live. Sing it, Nathan. Sing. As they prepare to join up with Justin Bieber for this fall's Believe tour, "I Found You" will be officially released in November—why such a long wait?—on their forthcoming U.S. release, rumored to be called Over:Sound. Considering we've yet to hear One Direction's latest single, "Live While We're Young," despite decent amount of promotion, we'll give this round of the ongoing "More Awesome" battle to TW. Listen below.