Listen to Justin Timberlake's Eight-Minute Throwback Jam, "Mirrors"

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When all of Justin Timberlake's comeback fanfare culminated in the release of "Suit and Tie," the results were ... well, let's not say "underwhelming" exactly, just the song was doing something else entirely than what many musically starved Timberlake fans hungered for. Fortunately, with the release of "Mirrors," an eight-minute-long Timbaland track that Timberlake premiered after Sunday night's Grammy awards, it looks like Timberlake's comeback finally has its radio jam.

Sonically the track finds Timb&Timb in full-on "What Goes Around...Comes Around" mode, with intoxicating harmonies and some luscious production the duo seems to have locked in a cellar since 2006. But every now and then there are tiny concessions to the way radio pop has evolved in the past seven years—check out those "oh-oh-oh"s, which wouldn't be out of place exactly in a Taio Cruz joint. That might sound like an insult, but it's not. If you want to make music for the masses, you can't stay in your castle. You've got to get down there and mingle with the rabble.

Listen to the full track below:

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