Lady Gaga's FarmVille promotion promised to unveil one new track each day from May 17 to 19, leading up to the release of Born This Way next week. And just like clockwork, FarmVille users were gifted with "Marry The Night," another power pop ballad with a disco breakdown. With yesterday's unveiling of "Hair," and recent live performances of "Americano" and "You and I," we're now halfway through Born This Way's track listing. So if you've been following along on your scorecard at home, that leaves "Government Hooker," "Schei?e," "Bloody Mary," "Bad Kids," "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)," "Heavy Metal Lover" and "Electric Chapel." But how many will make it to next Tuesday undiscovered? Only time will tell.

Hear Gaga's new track "Marry The Night," below.

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