Barack Obama did Mariah Carey a solid this fall when he helped adjudicate her feud with Nicki Minaj, potentially saving millions of hair strands from being savagely ripped from their follicles. Now the pop diva has returned the favor, recording a victory song for Obama's reelection.

Carey wrote and performed "Bring It On Home" for an Obama fundraiser this summer, and the lyrics definitely play like a campaign theme: "We're gonna win/ Gonna bring it home." Fans had begged to hear the song for months, but no dice. Now that Bam's back in the White House, though, producer Jermaine Dupri has released a "Bring It On Home" out into the world to celebrate. An inspirational ballad straight out of Carey's '90s heyday, the song definitely fits its new purpose: Somehow we don't suspect any Democrats will have a problem with reliving the Clinton years just about now.

Just like her pal LL Cool J, Carey also had a few words for the recently-reelected president on Twitter:

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