Right on schedule, Rihanna premiered her new song "You Da One" on Friday morning, from that reportedly dirty, nasty, make-your-mother-blush album Talk That Talk. The Dr. Luke-produced and Ester Dean-penned second single is a surprisingly PG love song, unless "you know how to love me hard" makes you squirm. What? Where's all the dirty talk? Trading in the frantic beats of Calvin Harris for some laid-back bass and a chorus that plays up her Bajan accent, Rihanna is in the early stages of puppy love, unable to stop herself from cooing about her new man. We'll have a full review later today, but for now give it a listen below. And if you, like Rihanna's manager Jay Brown, still feel that it's not enough new material, there will probably be a video in the coming weeks. Humans and our short attention spans, you know. Blame Twitter.