Listen To Vandaveer's Striking New Song 'But Enough On That For Now'

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Vandaveer have buit their entire careers on the road, toiling away at cracking the live performance Rubik's cube and stacking up an impressively loyal fan base. Their music is sharp, and their lyrics are robust. As they head into their fifth studio album release, the folk duo have teased a first-taste with their compelling new single But Enough on That for Now. Pinned together like a paper doll, with raw instruments and an organic vocal, the track speaks to their evolution as a musical pair. "My family and I lived across the street from a cluster of cemeteries for the better part of the last decade. You see all sorts of activity in a graveyard," band mate and singer Mark Charles Heidinger says of the song (listen below). "The undertaker digging graves, people saying goodbye to their loved ones, couples playing fetch with their dogs, all of it -- the good & the bad, the darkness & the light... Explaining the cycle of life to a kid, to my kid -- it's a delicate matter, so I thought maybe working it out in my head first with a melody might help."

He adds, "Cemeteries are prime fodder for songs. Good for self-reflection, too. But they can make for some uncomfortable conversations with 3-year olds.”

But Enough on That for Now (which hits digital retailers and streaming Dec. 11) samples their new LP The Wild Mercury, out everywhere February 19 on WhiteSpace Records. The album track list is below:

1. But Enough On That For Now

2. A Little Time Off Ahead

3. The Wild Mercury

4. A Little Worse For The Wear

5. Holding Patterns

6. Love Is Melancholy, But It's All We've Got

7. To Be Young, To Belong

8. The Final Word

9. Absolutely Over The Moon

10. A Pretty Thin Line


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