Despite not winning the UK's X Factor last year, 18-year-old Chery Lloyd gained a huge Internet following thanks to her captivating version of Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On." Mentored by Cheryl Cole, Lloyd has since scored a record deal, and was reportedly working with Lil Wayne for her debut album. (All good things in our book.) Now her new track "Swagger Jagger" has leaked, full of what's become Lloyd's go-to anti-hater messages, as well as a sampling of "Oh My Darling Clementine." What?! We're all for shock value here at Popdust, but is this what you want as your next dance party anthem? Listen below:

Lloyd was apparently furious over the song's early release, and took to Twitter to vent and seek solace in the support of fans. She might want to grow a thicker skin if she's going to make it in this business—this was even before the reviews for the song hit the web! And after auditioning with a swag-themed track, perhaps recording one of her own is a bit of overkill? (Or is this supposed to be her schtick now? If so, can someone at least facilitate a Soulja Boy and/or Odd Future collaboration?) Swagger Jagger is out September 12, so perhaps this is just an unfinished product with stronger tracks more fiercely protected. (Let's hope.) Lloyd's original X Factor audition still gets us. (But then again, so does this).