Little Mix's "DNA" Reviewed: "Always Be Together"

We’re reviewing every song on Little Mix's DNA today to commemorate its US release. Stay tuned for our take on all 12 tracks on the girl group's full-length debut!

The girl-power, friends-forever ballad is an understandable cliche of the girl group experience, so it probably shouldn't be too surprising to hear "Always Be Together" on Little Mix's debut LP. The singalong ballad features such yearbook-signed lyrics as "We are friends for life / Hold that deep inside" and "When you need me, the heavens will send / A message within / Straight to your heart," concluding on the chorus that "The circle will never end / Just know that we'll meet again / And we'll always be together." It's pretty hokey stuff, which the Spice Girls were only able to get away with on their last real hit, and which we don't really need to be hearing over a boring drum beat and plaintive piano on Little Mix's first album.

At the very least, if you're going to do a song like this, save it for the end of the album, where it might make sense as an until-we-meet-again closer. As the album's fourth track, especially coming just after another two ballads, it's just an energy sinkhole.


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