Little Mix's "DNA" Reviewed: "Change Your Life"

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We’re reviewing every song on Little Mix's DNA today to commemorate its US release. Stay tuned for our take on all 12 tracks on the girl group's full-length debut!

Both opener "Wings" and DNA's third track "Change Your Life" are on the subject of standing up to criticism and staying strong in the face of adversity, but whereas "Wings" was thoroughly resolute in its conviction, "Change" shows a greater vulnerability and sympathy for those dealing with such self-confidence issues. The song is emotionally frayed from its spoken-word first verse ("She captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor / Her image is distorted screaming, 'Is it worth it anymore?') on, though the chorus is still firm in its message of perseverance ("Change, change your life, take it all / We’re gonna stick together, know we’ll get through it all").

The song is less catchy and much less immediately striking than "Wings," with its production much more of a standard Ryan Tedder-esque mid-tempo ballad sound, but it has a power just the same, and the strength of the group's vocals helps carry the message as always.