"Little Things": One Direction Loves Your Neck, Your Back, Your Thighs

As much of the Eastern United States prepares for an onslaught of wind, rain and (potentially) hours of entertainment without YouTube, we wanted to get in today's other big news while we still can: One Direction's "Little Things" has arrived. Thanks to numerous lyrics shared by 1D via Twitter and their proud songwriter, we knew that freckled girls would be getting a special shout-out (we're blushing) on Take Me Home. The full version exists as just that, as well as a sweet reminder to forget about the crinkles in your eyes or dimples in your back; these are exactly the reasons why they adore you! Plus the nightly tea-drinking—they are British.

But the most noticeable element of 1D's latest track is the transformation of each of their voices. Zayn begins, assuming what's typically been Liam's role and supporting our theory that The Malik Era of 1D began with that blonde streak and wet t-shirt in "Live While We're Young." For Hazza's lovers, Young Harry sounds grittier and raspier in an almost-manifestation of his perpetual bedhead; prepare to swoon away. In lieu of injecting Bieber-like rap verses to prove their maturation, the guys show off a more developed and nuanced vocal set, along with more adult material. Like the Ed Sheeran-penned "Moments," which referred to piles of clothes at the end of a bed—co-ed sleepover or laundry party?—there's a significant level of intimacy in rattling off all these "little things" that add up to the massive amount of love they have for you. We're already imagining cuddly sequences featuring the guys and five video-ready beauties that fall somewhere between "I Do" and "Your Body is A Wonderland."

If "What Makes You Beautiful" is a safe and slightly distanced appreciation of a girl who doesn't recognize her own light, "Little Things" proves that initial attraction can withstand time, and even grow strong stronger, once the stuff we like to keep hidden slowly starts to reveal itself. Watch the official lyric video below.

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