From pregnancy announcements to penis jokes, the MTV Video Music Awards witnessed a lot of major moments outside of the Nokia Theater last night, long before the event's non-host even took the stage. The press was clamoring for the attention of countless celebrities, but in a sea of black-carpet reporters, how do you stand out? By requesting musicians perform on command—that's what they're there for, right?—and braving the faces of reality stars known to actively encourage STD ("Stop The Drama," pervs), whom we refuse to admit actually received invitations. Luckily Popdust had fearless comedian Tig Notaro on hand, a woman who is both funny and savvy enough to ask celebrities the important questions and land a couple bars of a previously unheard theme song free of charge (thanks, Tyga!). Watch her interact with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Busta Rhymes and the beloved beach kids of Jersey Shore, below.