LL Cool J Had The Best Celebratory Obama Tweet Last Night

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It's no surprise that a lot of pop stars were openly rooting for Barack Obama's reelection Tuesday night—and when the networks called Ohio for the Prez, many celebrated accordingly.

None, however, could match the wit and wisdom of LL Cool J, who combined jubilant support for Obama with just a hint of self-promotion and one horrible/amazing pun:

Elsewhere in social media, the celebrities were more reserved, but only slightly. Beyonce decided to introduce a little-used slang phrase to the popular lexicon:


While Katy Perry was proud all those special outfits weren't for nothing:

Lady Gaga was beyond words:

Though Justin Bieber had to reminder everyone he had no part in this:

Nicki Minaj took a moment of sincerity:

Rihanna just wanted to party:

While John Legend gave a shout-out to his homie Nate:

And Ashlee Simpson was beside herself with glee:

But sadly, on such a happy day there was also a small amount of bad news:

Oh well. You can't win 'em all!