Let's start this quick hit with a possibly interesting but mostly coincidental tidbit of Grammy trivia: the last time rapper LL Cool J was nominated for one was the last time in years the ceremony had a host: 2005; with LL's album The DEFinition nominated for Best Rap Album and with Queen Latifah hosting.

Ah, such different times--seven entire years ago. Since then, Queen Latifah's continued to be universally beloved, and LL Cool J's had lots of projects including--most pertinently to this post--a gig hosting the Grammy nominations concert since 2008. He did the same this Grammy year, and now he'll do himself one better: host the ceremony itself on Feb. 12, the Grammys' first host since way back when in the 2000s. Not bad! Any more of these constant promotions, or any more nominations, and he'll have grounds to re-acronym: Grammys Love Cool James.