Lloyd May or May Not Be Able to Name a Guns N' Roses Song

R&B star Lloyd made some waves on 106 & Park recently when he showed off his new skull-wrapping tattoo of a number of interlocking guns and roses. What Lloyd said by way of explanation: "I'm a walking contrast. I go from hard to soft. I go from the guns to roses, which is in my tat, and I like to go from the streets to the sheets." What Lloyd did not say by way of explanation: "Man, Guns N' Roses are the greatest band of all-time! You ever heard Use Your Illusion II? That shit is crazy! 'Get in the Ring,' that's my motherfucking jam right there!"

Still, if one takes the time to permanently ink a pictoral rendering of a band's name—it's not like "Guns and Roses" is a particularly idiomatic expression outside of Axl and Slash and co—on one's skull, it's not totally unreasonable to think that one might be a fan of said band to some degree. So thought the New Times Broward-Palm Beach, anyway, when they caught up with Lloyd for a recent phoner, and decided to ask him for his GnR favorites. Here's how the conversation went:

New Times: What is your favorite Guns N' Roses song?

Lloyd: I can't think of any [laughs] at the moment. Give me a few.

What about stuff from Appetite for Destruction, like "Sweet Child o' Mine" or "Welcome to the Jungle"?

That's it. Gold. Right there. "Welcome to the Jungle," all that.

Well, at least he went with "Welcome to the Jungle" over the slightly overrated "Sweet Child o' Mine." Still, it looks like debating the finer points of the "Estranged" video would be a discussion unfortunately lost on Lloyd. When it comes to pop stars proving that they own the most basic of expertise over pop culture subjects, today simply isn't getting off to the best start.

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