Party-crashing goofballs LMFAO just dropped the video for their not-subtly titled "Party Rock Anthem." And it looks like dudes are hilariously wringing the last drops of tainted blood from the "zombie" trend. The clip is certainly of the moment: "Party Rock Anthem" is a 28 Days Later parody that comes hot on the heels of Lil Wayne's Inception spoof and Kanye's artier Enter The Void tribute, plus it follows the zombie-tastic Glee episode that referenced "Thriller." In more hush-hush news, the clip is prescient of the upcoming zombie invasion that the government has told Popdust about in secret, but remains classified (oops).

Though we're pretty sick of the nine billion zombie books and movies that still glop out every month, this video is pretty damn funny. Basically LMFAO are trapped in a world overrun by "party zombies" (a.k.a., "any party in Los Angeles"). They can't hear their own song or they'll turn into one! They're only hope is Beats By Dre earplugs, pretty much completing Dre's monopoly on "things you put in your ear" (until he releases Beats By Dre Q-Tips or just tattoos the logo on everyone's fingers). Watching LMFAO pretend to dance (as not to stir up zombie suspicion!) is a total treat, since the dudes are natural hams.