The boys said it best themselves—"Gonna rise to the top / No lead in our zeppelin." While for most of 2011, the top spot on the Billboard charts has been reserved for the previously established stars—Britney, Rihanna, Gaga and Katy, namely—the last three #1s have now been first-time chart-toppers, with Adele, Pitbull and now LMFAO taking over pole position. The duo of Berry Gordy progeny (son RedFoo and grandson SkyBlue) have ascended to the summit of pop music with "Party Rock Anthem," their Goonrock and Lauren Bennett-featuring ode to a lifestyle devotion to getting up, getting down and putting your hands up to the sound.

We here at Popdust are very proud of the guys, who no doubt have spent many a long night positively visualizing this moment, ultimately willing it to existence. "I wanna be #1," RedFoo told us a few months ago when explaining the duo's love of Rhonda Byrne's The Secret. "I wanna experience #1. Every song that I mix now...'Is this gonna go #1?' And I'm seeing it #1, and I'm listening to it...It's like a fantasy. Always, constantly, thinking about that stuff. And it makes you feel good now. And that feel good now, that's your guide."

If any of us were laughing at the time, we're certainly not laughing now. The proof is in the pop-chart-related pudding, and as they predicted they would, LMFAO now know the experience of number one. Hating is bad, after all.