The new trio of LMFAO—yes, that's Jimmy Fallon underneath a Sky Blu fro—tested its endurance by singing a rendition of "Sexy and I Know It" atop spin bikes on Late Night Wednesday. Because it's officially summer and everyone needs to be in washboard shape before the first shuffling trip of the season, natch. Anyone who's come within 20 feet of a SoulCycle class knows spinning is difficult—and anyone who's been in line at a frozen yogurt shop next door to a spinning class knows what kind of crazy aggression it can evoke from its students. The mood stay positive with Fallon in tow, despite the guys risking the inability to properly fill out those banana hammocks (aka their money makers) by exercising on machines known to lower a man's sperm count. Wig aside, Fallon adopts the LMFAO demeanor with ease, understanding that there's no such thing as oversharing—both physically and verbally ("I really like the band One Direction / These pants make it hard to hide an erection, what?"). Welcome back, Shuffle Bot. We've missed you.

Considering they can probably live off the royalties from "Sexy and I Know It" forever, why are the Gordy relatives putting in such hard work on a hot summer's day? Because they've got to keep up with the pace of the Jepsen, of course. Watch below.