Logan Lerman Is Starring in a Jordan Peele-Directed Series About Nazi Hunters

Yes, we're still in love with Logan Lerman.

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The newest trailer just dropped for the upcoming Amazon Prime series, Hunters, and it looks fabulous.

The show seems to have everything—an incredible director in Jordan Peele, plus Al Pacino and a storyline about misfit rebels hunting Nazis. It all seems cloaked with a heavy amount of self-awareness, ready-made to critique all the hollow values that America says it stands for but never really has.

It also has Logan Lerman, and anyone who was even remotely cognizant of their attraction to men in the early 2010s might have felt their heart drop upon seeing their childhood crush starring in a new show. For all the tween Logan Lerman fans of the early 2010s who are now in their early twenties, seeing him reappear in such a heroic role feels like poetic justice. Twitter, for its part, is alive with excitement about Lerman's reappearance.

In all honesty, this trailer is the perfect balm to the news that World War III might be on the horizon. Sure, adult life and politics might not be going exactly how we expected them to, and the days of dreaming about fighting monsters, finding out you're a Greek god, "feeling infinite," or living in a "free country" might be over.

But if Logan Lerman, Jordan Peele, and Al Pacino have anything to do with it, we're going to get to watch sweet Logan kill some Nazis onscreen—and we'll get to participate in some salty debates about whether it's ethical to go rogue and kill Nazis, if violence is ever necessary, or if we need to aim for a peaceful revolution or change the systems from within. And at this point, that may be enough.