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The "Logan" Trailer Shows Us a Gritty X-Men Movie for the Trump Era

"Mutants... They're gone now."

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"Charles, the world is not the same as it was... Mutants... They're gone now."

The eternal mutant, Wolverine, bemoans the loss of his fellow freaks to a decrepit Charles Xavier in a shell of the former X-Mansion. A scruffy, burnt out Logan looks into the mirror and palms his dirty mug to hide the pain. A mutant child stands in an empty desert while blood thirsty killers come to take her away. The trailer for "Logan" is packed with moments like these. Real emotional moments. If this trailer's an accurate picture of "Logan", then this is a movie laden with political relevance, heart-wrenching turmoil, and a bleak outlook for the future.

It's a given these days that there are too many superhero movies. This has apparently become obvious even to the studios themselves. That's why this "Logan" trailer is so exciting, it's not just about a superhero. It appears to be a movie about a person placed in terrible circumstances because of far-off people's political decisions. The imagery of the mutant round-up cops riding atop pick-up trucks invokes both the mythical savagery of Mad Max and the real-life terror of border police. The image of a child wearing the sadness of an adult reminds one of pictures of Syrian children. Perhaps these are dramatic comparisons, but in an election season like this packed with scare rhetoric it's easy to have a bleak imagination of the future.

This movie has a great opportunity to take on the dark sci-fi tone that X-Men has always had the potential to have. Check out the official cinematic trailer for "Logan" below:

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