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"LOL, WHAT?!" episode 2 - Trump's "fine tuned machine"

(yet it is the exact opposite)

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Amidst Trump's travel ban ("not a ban" but definitely called a ban many times by his administration) failing because of unconstitutionality, the national security advisor Michael Flynn resigning because of treason, Andrew Puzder the labor secretary nomination withdrawing his nomination after because exposed for domestic abuse, Kellyanne Conway breaking several laws and ethics codes by promoting one of Trump's family businesses on television, press secretary Sean Spicer becoming one of the most easily targeted joke in political history, intelligence agencies reporting that the Trump campaign was in constant contact with Russian officials before the election, and a Russian spy ship lurking off the coast of Connecticut - Trump says his administration is running like a "fine tuned machine."

Well, Mr. President, there's only one thing we can say to that...

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