Thelma and Louise? Harold and Kumar? Gaga and Honey Bee? Pick your own analogue of dynamic duo, but there's no doubt that Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey, when teamed up, make quite a pair, as demonstrated by pics tweeted by Ri of the two riding around Barbados:

Yes, hashtag topnotch indeed. It's not just for leisure though that Ri and the O are going joyriding, though—Rihanna is scheduled to be one of the first interview subjects for the second season of Oprah's Next Chapter, the first professional sit-down the two have ever had together. Will the two talk Chris Brown? Will the two duet on "Hate That I Love You"? Will the two spend the entire time discussing how much better life would be if they stopped working all the time and join the circus? Watch August 19th to find out!