"It's not a game, though," Serius Jones begins "Angry Birds." Ah, but it is, Serius—it's the most popular smartphone game in the known universe. The song samples the game's trademark flute-heavy theme song, slowing it down some and fashioning a decently banging beat out of it. Serius even attempts to sing along with theme on the chorus, rapping "You a bald head / Like an eagle," and "Just a birdbrain / And a vulture / you ain't know, well homey look a little closer." He saves the best bird-themed taunt for the end of the second verse, though: "You still at yo' grandma's address / How you talkin' fly when you never left the nest?"

All that's left now for Angry Birds' complete cultural domination is for one of the couple-dozen bird-named NFL teams to adapt the phrase as a team nickname. Maybe it's just what the underperforming Philadelphia Eagles or Arizona Cardinals need to get their swagger back.