Looking At 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner’s $2.7 Mil House Can Seriously Fuck Your Zen Up

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Chances are that when you look at photos of 17-year-old Kylie Jenner’s new $2.7 million home you are going to react in one of the following ways:

1. Who gives a shit? I couldn’t care less (in which case, why are on a Pop culture website in the first place?!!)

2. You think it’s a beautiful house and you are very happy for Kylie. It’s great that she’s living the “American dream” and you think it’s great that she owns such a great pad at such a young age.

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3. You think shit’s seriously fucked up that a kid who has never really worked a day in her life owns a 4,900 square foot, five bedroom, six bathroom home, pretty much purely because her older half-sister made a sex tape with a boyfriend.

Especially as there are multitudes of people working their asses off in two jobs at minimum wage just to try and keep their heads above water.

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According to TMZ, Jenner took out a $910,000 mortgage on the property, which means… and let’s let this sink in for one minute…. that the 17-year-old put down $1.79 million in cash.

$1.79 million…. in cash.... from a 17-year-old… who hasn’t even made a record, or starred in a movie, or written a book….

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This is pretty much a litmus test for your political inclination and how you feel about the cult of celebrity, capitalism and life in 2015 America.

Well, however you feel about it, let’s face it, it’s totally irrelevant really, as it’s blatantly clear at this point that the Kardashians are the reality TV equivalent of herpes… they’re here, they’re spreading further and further each day, and they ain’t going away.

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Just like any other teenager in the same circumstances, Kylie is reveling in her good fortune, and loving every minute of living la vita bella.

On Monday, Jenner posted a pouty selfie of herself and big sis, Khloe Kardashian, on her Instagram, captioned, "Don't you wish your move-in crew looked like mine?"

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Meanwhile, Khloe wasn’t the only one on hand to help the first time homeowner move in to her new digs. Kardashian posted a pic on her instagram yesterday of herself, Kylie and Kylie’s “just good friend” Tyga cuddling together in Jenner’s new pad.

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