Looking for Great Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other? Try Dr. Squatch

Looking for Great Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other? Try Dr. Squatch

As my boyfriend Caleb’s birthday comes around, I’m left with the biggest challenge of the year – What the hell do I get him? I’ve done gift cards, wallets, and aftershave too many times. I wish it wasn’t soo hard to find a unique gift for guys.

I didn’t want to get him another pair of socks or a memento he’ll rarely use. So I asked around and a friend mentioned Dr. Squatch. It’s a fantastic personal wellness brand that helps men streamline their hygiene routines with a wide range of natural soaps, deodorants, beard oils, and more.

That seemed doable – you can never have too much soap, right? Caleb could care less about his soap – he usually picks the cheapest one in the drugstore. On the other hand, I’m incredibly picky regarding my personal care products. I read every single label and only use brands with natural ingredients.

I kept trying to tell Caleb that generic brands water down their ingredients – and what does “Super Fresh” even mean?! Not to mention all the harsh chemicals they use. When digging deeper into Dr. Squatch, I noticed that their traditional cold process technique locks nutrients in each bar that nourishes and hydrates skin. Made in the USA, Dr. Squatch bars feature a comprehensive glossary of clean ingredients.

I bit the bullet and ordered the Clean Bundle which included Cedar Citrus, Grapefruit IPA and Pine Tar soap which came with a soap saver. The minute the box arrived, I couldn’t wait for Caleb to open it. Even before opening the box, the scent gently enveloped us. It was woodsy – much better than those generic brands that smell like cheap candles.

Like me, Caleb loved the scent but he was concerned that natural soap wouldn’t be effective. Would it keep him clean? And how long would it last, considering it costs a bit more than drugstore body wash?

After Caleb’s first Dr. Squatch shower, he raved about how sudsy the Pine Tar bar is – way more than other soaps. It has oatmeal in it, so great for exfoliating. And the shea butter soothes his skin so it feels softer than ever.

I was afraid it might be an odd gift, but boy, was I wrong. Caleb’s completely obsessed with all things Dr. Squatch. Since then, he’s ordered a bunch of their bundles that include different soap scents, soap savers, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and even cologne. From Citrus, Spearmint Basil, Coconut, Eucalyptus – you won’t find these scents in a drugstore. Now he smells so ridiculously good that I can’t stay away from him!

Bonus: Every few months Dr. Squatch drops a new scent – limited edition duos are available!!!

Dr. Squatch’s soaps are made to refresh and hydrate, but the real treat is that you can get it delivered right to their door.

So this year, ditch those ties and socks and pick up Dr. Squatch for your partner instead. It's an amazing gift for any guy – and girls will love the scents too!

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