Looking For The Right Person? Here Are 5 Reasons We Recommend EliteSingles

Looking For The Right Person? Here Are 5 Reasons We Recommend EliteSingles

Some people stay in love with their high school sweetheart or meet the right person in a chance encounter. But for many of us, it's more difficult to find the one.

With social media and dating apps, we can connect to a lot more people more easily…but it's hard to know which apps to use if you’re looking to find meaningful relationships.

Our editors have done the research and discovered an app for anyone looking for something long-term.

Meet EliteSingles, the best place to go to find your life partner.

EliteSingles has unique features you won’t find on the typical hook-up dating apps. They give members the opportunity to find a meaningful relationship quickly and effectively.

Here are 5 Reasons we’re recommending EliteSingles to anybody lookin’ for love:

1. Meaningful Relationships

EliteSingles is designed for those who really want to find a meaningful, real relationship more quickly and effectively — that is their priority. Their features allow them to match you with potential partners based on your personality and psychological compatibility, not just on appearance.

2. Science-Backed Matches

To help everyone find the right person, EliteSingles have you do a personality test. The test has been developed with the help of psychologists and is based on scientific studies.

You’ll answer detailed questions about your interests to find who is psychologically compatible with you. They’ll compare your answers and synthesize them with other members to find matches based on analyzed criteria.

All the Matches have a matching score that is calculated based on compatibility. According to the big 5-dimension results, the score is a ranking which each match receives when finishing the personality test.

3. Easy To Use

The first thing you do is fill out a short registration form. Then you take your personality test, which takes 15-20 minutes. Then you complete your online profile with personal information and upload images.

Then the matchmaking starts. EliteSingles’ smart profiling looks at your personality results, as well as what’s important to you in terms of lifestyle, location, and relationship goals. The matchmaking process selects and sends you 3-7 personalized profile suggestions daily based on your preferences. You can send smiles and likes on profiles to start connecting with people!

4. Special & Unique Features

EliteSingles has both a Basic Plan and a Premium Plan. The Free Basic Plan allows you to create a profile, access the personality test results, and receive partner suggestions.

For premium users, the “Have you met…” feature lets you actively search out additional profile matches if you want to look beyond your suggestions. Premium members can also see who visited their profile!

Open Search is a discovery mode enabling users to real-time filter results and contact people who are not matches.

You can even receive a Profile Makeover by setting up a call with one of their Customer Care reps, who will offer coaching and rewriting services — a feature you’ll rarely find on any other dating app.

5. Real Success Stories

EliteSingles’ amazing combination of science and technology leads to long lasting relationships. Don’t just take our word for it — below are some accounts of real success stories that came from EliteSingles:

“We first connected on EliteSingles. It all started with a smile!”

-Tiffany & Todd, engaged

“Stick with the search and join a site like EliteSingles where other quality folk have signed up - and you will find someone at your level.”

-Neil & Byron

“Sometimes dating apps can leave you frustrated and disappointed but our story is proof that the right person is out there!”

-Chris & Seema, married

The compatibility features on the app help you to find the best match for you. If you’re looking for the right person for a meaningful relationship, we’d highly recommend EliteSingles. You can thank us later!

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