"This one is for the boys with true religion / In love with the lord and down with sinnin'." Oooh boy. Well, at least this one is done with a contemporary-ish pop song—usually when these religious parodies come trickling down the pipeline, they're of songs that haven't actually been popular for three or four years (and feel like they haven't been popular in decades), so good on these Christian peeps for at least using our #1 song of 2011 for their source material. Kudos to them as well for doing the whole song (even the bridge part we always forget about) and for clearly listening to the original enough to be able to parody the lyrics and rhythm pretty specifically. (The singer/rapper even attempts Nicki's British affectations at a couple moments.)

Plus dance numbers, wigs, and a whole lot of positivity. Isn't "Any time he hold a child / Then my marriage ring is coming on, on" just so much nicer than "When he gimme that look / Then the panties comin' off, off"? Seems like a lot of thrusting during the chorus dance for a song where even saying "who the F" is apparently too heathenly, though.