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Lorde Says New Album is "Coming Soon"

New Zealand anti-star Lorde will drop her first new album since debut "Pure Heroine"

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After a lengthy hiatus from public life, Lorde will soon return to the world of music.

Her 2013 debut album, ""Pure Heroine", was an international hit, peaking at number three on American Billboard and topping her native New Zealand's (and Australia's) music charts. It was a beautiful story that lived on the knife's edge, as much about being a nothing from nowhere as it was about the defiant confidence of adolescence.

Besides a few features and Hunger Games soundtrack singles, Lorde has been mostly silent. Her withdrawal from public life included an almost total lack of new music. However, yesterday, a little bit past midnight, Lorde put out a confessional Facebook post detailing her life as of late and some exciting details about her heavily anticipated new album.

Marking her 20th birthday (today!), Lorde detailed her obsession with adolescence and how her debut was about preserving the magic of that age. She goes on to call her teenage self, who put out the masterful "Pure Heroine," a "glossy idiot god, princess of her childhood streets, handmade and ugly and sure of herself."

The singer declared that her next album would be about this life-after-teens era and the people in it, describing her nineteenth year as "colossal... One for the ages. I maxed out every single emotion I have in the best possible way, the colours still aching behind my eyes like this weird blissful hangover."

Sounds like perfect fuel for her next masterpiece. Not to mention she says the lyrics are the best she's ever penned.

Normally, I would be concerned that a moody teen star would lose her luster if she became, well, so happy. For other emo bands, the happiness that came with artistic and commercial success has been known to sap them of their ability to create emotionally compelling music. But with Lorde, it seems different. Her music, while emotional, was far from being full of dread or shame. It was cocky, motivated, it was all of the teen melancholy with a bit of Kanye self-love on top.

Here at Popdust, we've got high hopes for Lorde's next albums.

Check out the full text of the powerful Facebook post below:

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