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Lorde is back: we report

I, too, am in the midst of tears

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I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth

LORDEEEEEEE. I am so sorry. Bad decisions, that's just, like, my middle name. I really didn't mean to hurt you, that new Lana was just...there for me. have you been. I haven't like seen you in years, but that's okay! Come anytime, I'm serious. Be my princess in on a Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, score an excellent feature on an otherwise mediocre Disclosure album. Whatever: you're always welcome here. Popdust will always be a safespace for heartbreak.

Sometimes I wake up in a different bedroom/I whisper things, the city sings 'em back to you

Or that! That's also nice. It's like Donna Summer on a Chainsmokers song that never drops. In five seconds you literally do what every Coldplay album post-Rush of Blood to the Head has tried and failed and failed and failed to do. Good shit. But feelings, right. I know you told Zane Lowe that this was about your "first major heartbreak." And I had no idea, okay? It's all good drink-spilling fun until hearts are broken, I know.

But seriously: here we all were listening to this sitting down, like some lameo pretending to get shit done in a cubicle. Cause that's what I thought you were, Lorde; calm, polite head-nodding stuff that I snuck on playlists I make for my ex who went to a Death Cab concert with me once. I mean, good stuff: some tracks on Heroine, I thought was could have been produced by Danger Mouse if he wasn't so busy trying to make U2 sound cool. Now you tell me that Jack Antonoff is behind the boards (known to some as the lead guitarist of fun. and co-writer of "Out of the Woods" from T-Swizzle's 1989, but known to me as some guy Lena Dunham, the real pop-star of our time, dates. This connection is meaningful because "Green Light" is the kind of music bands in Brooklyn used to make to close episodes of 'Girls.' Lorde does better in this territory than St. Vincent, however) and that we're supposed to get jiggy with it?

Or fuck Antonoff. "We are Young" blows. Which is why its even better that "Green Light is entirely your thing: neither the bouncing piano nor the hand-clapping call to the dancefloor are terribly interesting on their own but its the distinctively American anguish of possibility, the song's titular "Green Light," that sets it on fire. Its no surprise that you got brought Grant Singer on board for the video. He's fresh off giving Weeknd that sleek and chilly luxury car sadness. But I think you're actually interested in why we want to drink our purple drank and cry about it too.

Cause honey I'll come get my things, but I can't let go


A good time as any to cue in our diligent readers that your next album will be titled Melodrama, which we should be expecting whenever it is I recover from the flaming hot, dance floor sadness that is "Green Light."

But who cares what I think: watch for yourself:

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