Lorde’s Boyfriend Talks Pros, Cons Of Dating A Superstar, Being Victim Of Fans Vitriol

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Lorde’s boyfriend is opening up about the pros and the cons of dating a world famous superstar.

James Lowe shares his thoughts on his blog Ono Field—and although he’s had to weather some tough times since unintentionally stepping into the limelight it’s crystal clear how devoted he is to his 17-year-old girlfriend, real name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor,  and how proud he is of her achievements.

“Since originally sitting down to write this post, Ella has become a two time Grammy winner,” Lowe writes.

“She has taken home a Brit too. Currently she is on the opposite side of the world on tour. As much as I miss her, I couldn’t be prouder of what she has achieved so far. If you are lucky enough to attend one of her shows on this current tour, you’ll experience more than just her voice. The production she has dreamed up looks incredible… I can’t wait to see it myself next month.”

The 24-year-old photographer from Auckland, New Zealand goes on to share his thoughts on celebrity and the world of fame.

Jared Leto said that fame doesn’t change you, it changes everyone around you,” he says. “While I’m not the center of attention here (and fuck, the times I have, it’s never been fun), I do become aware of the people around me and their transparency. They fail to hide it.”

Lowe admits though that there is a plus side to dating an A-lister… like those little perks that come along with super stardom—flying on private jets…meeting amazing people all over the world… luxury hotels…. those kind of things.

However, one major downside that Lowe has been subjected to is becoming the target of his girlfriend’s fans—and legions of haters—vitriol.

Last year after an unsubstantiated rumor sprang up claiming Lorde had called Justin Bieber and One Direction (looking for One Direction tickets?) “ugly” the two pop act’s fan bases went berserk—and unfortunately for Lowe they directed their anger directly at him with an onslaught of nasty and racist social media posts.

Twitter lit up with outraged Beliebers and Directioners slamming Lowe as “FUCKING UGLY”... “SKINNY AND UGLY”... “SLITTY EYED” … just typical, horrible teenage anonymous internet troll fare… but…still.. Ow! It’s gotta sting right?

Lorde discussed the hateful experience with Rolling Stone last year, admitting that although she knows the commenters are “the type of people who use the word f****t as an insult,” it still hurts.

“[I’m] not completely impervious to insult,” she said. “I’m a human being.”

But, for his part, Lowe manages to remain pretty pragmatic on the whole.

“I’ve experienced being a target of the tabloids,” he writes. “Finding moments I thought I was in safe hands splattered all over the internet, being pushed and shoved, or watching others get pushed and shoved by paparazzi just to get what they think they're entitled to.”

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