Things are not looking good for Matt and Amy Roloff.

The stars of TLC’s hit show, Little People, Big World have reached a relationship crossroads—and Popdust has sneak peek video of their marriage woes.

“Wedding Season is over and Matt and Amy can finally focus all their attention on pumpkin season,” the TLC press release reads.

“The kids are coming to the end of what may be their last summer together on the farm and the family dynamic is changing once again. Before Jeremy heads back to school in Santa Barbara, he pulls out his camera to capture the last few moments of the whole family being together. With her sophomore year ahead of her, Molly buys a car and heads back to Washington. Meanwhile, Zach prepares to move out, into a new house.

“Matt busies himself with work, putting the finishing touches on the Fun Zone for pumpkin season’s opening day. When he invites some young kids out to the farm to give the play area a test drive, the visit is a bust and Matt is convinced pumpkin season will be a complete disaster. Even though Amy is more optimistic, Matt thinks they need to start over from scratch or cancel pumpkin season altogether. Fearing he’s in for a big financial loss, Matt blames Amy, saying that she waited until the last minute to finish decorating the Fun House.

“Much to his surprise, when opening weekend rolls around, cars are lined up, waiting at the gate which gives Matt a much-needed boost of confidence. But the start of pumpkin season is not without its challenges. Audio problems on the tour wagon cause confusion and delay. A trebuchet launch gets dangerous when it doesn’t fire, leaving the 2000lb war machine locked and loaded. And chaos ensues when the credit card machines at checkout suddenly stop working.

“When opening weekend finally comes to a close, a heated argument breaks out between the Roloffs, leaving Caryn, the Roloff’s Farm Manager, to exclaim in frustration, ‘Can’t you two get along?!’  When the couple sits down to dinner that night, they talk over the future of their marriage and the possibility of selling the farm.

“Both have trouble keeping their emotions in check. Barbs are thrown from both sides and there is plenty of hurt to go around. Both Matt and Amy express their determination to work together to work things out, but the reality may be that they have reached the end.”

You can watch the drama unfold on Crossroads for the Roloffs tonight at 9PM (ET/PT) on TLC