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Luca Chesney Breaks Ground with 'Something Brand New'

Complex yet delicate electro-pop.

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Just a minute ago, Luca Chesney released "Something Brand New."

The single follows her Mother Electric LP, on which Chesney provided musical documentation of her spiritual, psychological, and physical resurrection.

Chesney's parents were Christian Missionaries, so she spent the formative years of her life in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Later, she traveled to exotic locations around the world, finally deciding to make NYC her headquarters as she set off on her music career.

In 2017, she dropped her self-titled EP, followed by a single, "Revolver," and then dropped Mother Electric. Now, she's back with "Something Brand New," a song conceived during a sleepless night in a Brooklyn basement. Chesney injects the song with more light than her past offerings, perhaps indicative of an inner change matching her move to Los Angeles.

Speaking to where her head is at right now, Chesney says, "It's a very free, very blank canvas feeling."

"Something Brand New" opens with simmering synths segueing to an electro-pop shuffle. Swooshing colors and radiant vocal harmonies infuse the tune with resonance. A bass line pulses over compact clacking percussion, as Chesney's distinct voice smolders.

There's a subtle, passion from Chesney's tonal modulation, intense and remarkably seductive. It's not the usual expressionless Taylor Swift-flavored timbres, delivered with straight-faced detachment.

The penetrating quality of Luca Chesney's voice pressurizes "Something Brand New" into a vital masterpiece.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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