Ludacris is Now Hanging Out with Ryan Lochte at the London Olympics

Ludacris traveled to London to cheer on the Team USA men's basketball team in person on Monday, hanging in the company of America's Sweetheart cum international douchebag (with killer, abs, back, and smile), Ryan Lochte. Lochte, Luda, and fellow Team USA swimmer Conor Dwyer watched Kevin Durant and Company cruise to a 29-point victory over Manu Ginobili and Team Argentina. The Team USA Swimming star has been one of the focal points of this year's games, drawing global attention with his speedy race times and highly quotable mother. Now that he's officially finished with his 2012 Olympic program, Lochte is free to take in other sporting events, make ridiculous drunk faces, and do everything he didn't get to do at the '08 games, when he had a girlfriend.

Everyone wants a piece of the Olympians these days, or at least to congratulate their impressive achievements. As Southern gentlemen, we're confident Lochte and Ludacris had a lot to talk about when they weren't commenting on how sick Russell Westbrook's dunk was or laughing about Michael Phelps' decision to retire. (More opportunities for Ryan to medal in 2016, JEAH!) Maybe Luda's interested in getting a new grill, or wants to be the first member of the hip-hop community to sport Lochte's ready-to-wear line once he begins his fashion career? Either way, photos like this (tweeted by all three parties) only serve to make the Legend of Lochte even richer than we ever thought possible.

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